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X-Cart reBOOT (reDUX) Responsive Template

X-Cart reBOOT (reDUX) Responsive Template

X-Cart reBOOT (reDUX) is a multi-purpose, fully responsive ecommerce template based on the most popular HTML, CSS, and JS framework of them all, Bootstrap v4.6.0.



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X-Cart reBOOT (reDUX) Easy Custom Contact Forms (ECCF)

X-Cart reBOOT (reDUX) Easy Custom Contact Forms (ECCF)

Module Settings
  • Easily create clean, valid HTML forms, no PHP skills required * Add your form fields and it does the rest!
  • Unlimited responsive Bootstrap v4 forms, resulting in auto-generated, nicely formatted HTML emails.
  • Supports text, textarea, select, checkbox, switch, radio, password, tel, number, date, time, color, file and hidden fields.
  • Checkbox images and radio images also supported.
  • Client and server-side validation. Local storage on fields is used in case of submission errors.
  • Built-in protecton from spam bots. No captcha required.
  • File attachments are optional. One attachment per form is permitted. Can be restricted to logged-in customers only.
  • File attachments are securely renamed/uploaded to your server, with optional secured attachment manager.
  • 5 HTML email styles to choose from. You can customize the styles to your liking. Emails should display fine in any email client, GMail etc.
  • Optional header logo, header HTML and footer HTML.

* Some basic knowledge of HTML form fields is helpful, but not essential.

Email Style 1
Email Style 2
Email Style 3
Email Style 4
Email Style 5
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Many Uses...

Basic Form | Modal Popup Form | Price Match Form | Contact Form Replacement | Customer Support Form | Multi-Step Form | Enquiry Form | Feedback Form | Order Form | Room Booking Form | Car Rental Form | Questionnaire | Job Application Form | Satisfaction Survey | Complaint Form | Image Picker Form | License Agreement Form | Polls | Surveys

Various pre-made forms will shortly be available.

Future Plans...
  • Forms & form fields manager
  • Forms submissions saved to the database, with manager
  • Maybe auto-responder emails

Docs Demo Form Fields Download v1.03


X-Cart Order Insights

X-Cart Order Insights

Included free with the reBOOT reDUX Template

  • Real time historical order data for the last 10 years
  • Displays total orders and total sales as nice canvas based charts, which can be saved as images
  • Filter orders by order status
  • Ability to compare orders for two years
  • Collects / displays % of devices that customers ordered with (mobile/tablet/desktop/unknown)
  • Charts can be line or bar charts
  • Device charts can be doughnut or pie charts
  • Ability to export order data to CSV
  • v4.7.x, should work fine on earlier versions (let me know if not)


X-Cart Dynamic Multi Search (DMS) Fast Autocomplete - Predictive Search

X-Cart Dynamic Multi Search (DMS) Fast Autocomplete - Predictive Search


NOTE: You must have clean product descriptions for this to work seamlessly!

UPDATED 23/10/19 - New Features...

- Exclude specific products from appearing in the search results
- Give high priority to specific products appearing in the search results
- SKU displayed in results
- Now works in Admin also!

  • Fast autocomplete search box for products, categories, manufacturers and static pages
  • Uses fuzzy search logic, supporting misspellings and abbreviated searches
  • Increase your search conversion rate
  • Optional thumbnails on product results
  • Optional category, manufacturer and static page results
  • Descriptions, SKU's are also indexed and searchable
  • Results are sourced from a local text file feed, in JSON format (no strain on the database)
  • Secure feed generator which you can run manually, or use a cron job *
  • Works well on stores with up to ~5k products
  • Optional basic email report on feed generation
  • Set the minimum characters typed before a search
  • Set the maximum number of search results displayed
  • Search box styling can be tweaked with CSS **
  • Mobile friendly
  • Simple 8 step installation
  • One off payment, no subscription fee, free future updates
  • Works with or without Clean URLs / CDSEO etc.
  • Compatible with X-Cart Classic v4.7.x

* Cron jobs can be easily created via your hosting CPanel or Plesk, but we only provide limited support for this.
** For some custom themes, slight CSS tweaking may be necessary, in which case installation by us is recommended.


X-Cart Product Downloads - File Attachments

X-Cart Product Downloads - File Attachments

  • Up to 10 product files (more if required), with optional title and description
  • Place files anywhere, or place them in a product tab
  • Files can also be external, eg. from CDN or other website [NEW]
  • File specific icons alongside file links [NEW]
  • HTML is allowed in file descriptions
  • Easily upload files in admin
  • Files can be re-ordered if you wish to change position [NEW]
  • Admin 'Clear all file fields' button [NEW]
  • Enable / disable all WYSIWYG editors at once [NEW]
  • All file fields can be toggled in admin, so they don't take up space on the page [NEW]
  • Optional file manager for bulk file uploads [NEW]
  • Compatible with v4.4.x - v4.7.x
  • Easy installation
  • Open source

Updated 22nd January 2019


X-Cart reCAPTCHA for XCart Classic

X-Cart reCAPTCHA for XCart Classic

Helps prevent bot activity on...

  1. Register account form (register.php)
  2. Login form and login popup form (login.php)
  3. Password recovery form (help.php?section=Password_Recovery)
  4. Customer reviews form (product pages, basic and advanced modules)
  5. Send to friend form (product pages)
  6. Contact us form (help.php?section=contactus&mode=update)
  7. Newsletter subscribe form (news.php)
  8. Ask a question about this product popup form (popup_ask.php)
  9. Provider account register form (provider/register.php) [NEW, OPTIONAL]
  10. Affiliate account register form (partner/register.php) [NEW, OPTIONAL]


X-Cart Product Images Sitemap Generator

X-Cart Product Images Sitemap Generator

  • Generates a separate product images sitemap to maximise Google Images SEO
  • Lists detailed images first, then product images, then thumbnails
  • Supports X-Cart Clean URLs by default
  • X-Cart v4.4.x - v4.7.x (for v4.4.x see note 8)
  • Easy to install
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X-Cart Advanced Upselling Products

X-Cart Advanced Upselling Products

  • Displays upselling products from a specific single category OR a specific single manufacturer
  • Set the maximum number of upselling products displayed per product
  • Optional randomized upselling products per product


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X-Cart Advanced Product Videos

X-Cart Advanced Product Videos


  • Updated 21st Jan 2017
  • Up to five videos per product
  • Supports YouTube and Vimeo videos
  • Lightbox video previews from within the admin product modify page
  • Videos can be placed inside or outside the tabs on the product page
  • Videos can be displayed in responsive IFrames (you can set the maximum width also)
  • Or videos can play in responsive lightboxes (10 different lightbox skins available)
  • Automatically generates video thumbnails (lightboxes option)
  • Optional video tooltips / descriptions
  • Video SEO ready (YouTube videos)
  • Works in HTTPS mode
  • BONUS! Responsive YouTube video channel addon, with various options
  • Easy install, available for v4.6.x - v4.7.x







Easy Custom Contact Forms Released

Save time building custom contact forms! Click here for details.

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