X-Cart Easy Glossary

Category: X-Cart Mods


X-Cart Version
  • Provides useful glossary tooltips on specific keywords / phrases
  • Populates glossary definitions from a JSON file
  • Easy admin section to add/modify terms and descriptions
  • Definitions can include HTML, images etc.
  • Works on product descriptions, static pages and anywhere else
  • Lots of uses, no need for a separate FAQ section
  • Saves you having to type repetitive text
  • Cross browser compatible
  • Compatible with X-Cart v4.4.x - v4.7.x
  • August 4th 2011 - Now includes easy admin tool
  • February 26th 2012 - Now able to work with product extra fields
  • March 19th 2012 - Now works on any element, anywhere
  • May 31st 2016 - Updated, can select the elements that tooltips can appear on
  • June 4th 2016 - Updated, now includes easier admin panel