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    I've just migrated my LIVE store from reBOOT to reDUX and I can only RAVE about the addons, features which are easy to configure, add, subtract and quickly see the end result. But most of all, Phil's support and responsiveness to suggestions makes his x-cart products the BEST! THANK YOU - a Very Happy Camper. Peggy
    Would just like to rave about reDUX! It's got so many features, addons and stuff that you'd normally have to pay extra for in the marketplace. You can clearly see that Phil puts a lot of care and effort into his code. Bang for buck you can't go wrong. Within hardly any time we saw a sizable increase in traffic and orders! Very happy bunny.
    Phils reBOOT template was 'overwhelming' to me at first, but after a short time, I was able to configure the areas I was interested in. The power that the template provides is incredible. Thank you! Peggy
    Peggy Rader
    Phil made a great job with the ultra responsive template. He made some mods for me and I am very satisfied. I will look forward for the new template. :)
    It's quite refreshing when you come across people and companies that operate on the premise of service. From start to finish Phil has gone above and beyond. Nothing is too much trouble, and with his help, our site has gone from strength to strength. I cannot recommend xcartmods highly enough!!
    Neil Sheridan, Bali Homewares
    Loved the template, it worked like a charm. I also came to notice that it was lightweight and had decreased my loading times. Amazingly well optimised too, I have no regrets choosing it. Service was honest, responsible, top notch basically, and the price is amazingly good. Will highly recommend to my industry friends!
    Albert, Hometrust
    reBOOT is exactly what we needed! Our site now has a consistent look and feel on all devices. The Wordpress integration was INCLUDED with reBOOT template, making it an inexpensive and perfectly seamless enhancement. The add-ons are easy to install and well-documented, and reBOOT is easily cusomtizable. Phil in Technical Support was responsive and helpful with every question I had while preparing our site revamp with reBOOT. The ABUNDANCE of features in this template make it the best value I have found in an X-Cart mod. You will not be disappointed. If you use X-Cart, you need this template!
    Greg, Tea With Grace
    Absolutely Fantastic service, can't recommend Phil enough. I would say to anyone wanting any xcart work to get in touch with XcartMods. Thanks Phil you're a diamond.
    Andrew, Seat Covers UK
    This template is beautiful and fast. Like REALLY fast. And passes Google's mobile optimization test perfectly. This means Google will grace you with higher search result placement, all other things being equal. Also you'll want probably want to customize Ultra to make your store unique and relevant for your shoppers and product line . You should hire the developer of Ultra. His name is Phil. Obviously, he knows this template inside and out, and can do a better and faster, thus less expensive job than another coder. If you've ever developed a website before, especially an ecommerce site, you know that it's hard to find a good dev. Many of them will take six times longer than you expect, and blow up your budget. Or mangle your site if you find a budget guy in India. Been there done that. But my experience with Phil's work is that he is amazing and does his work perfectly. He is a good guy. Honest, honorable, kind.
    Mr. G
    Bought Ultra, simple to install/tweak, and wow! Not only does the store look good, but the promised SEO results have happened within a week of launch! I don't usually give raves, but for the price paid this definitely deserves one. Ultra is my new X-Cart SEO weapon of choice. Thank you X-Cart mods!!!
    I’ve just finished redeveloping my store using the new Ultra template. It’s definitely the best template I’ve worked with, and it’s packed with some great features and extra addons, all included in the listed price. Things like adding product videos are very straight forward. It uses the bootstrap framework, which makes it very easy to work with, and makes customising responsive elements pretty simple. All the templates are formatted very well, which makes them very easy to read. Even though the template is great, I did run into some minor issues. This is inevitable with any template. So, I went onto the live chat, and had more than a few back and forths with Phil. Actually, this was probably the most impressive part about the product: the support. Phil seems to be on the chat all day and night (maybe there’s 2 Phil’s!), and he’s very responsive, and very helpful. I can highly recommend the template to anyone looking to upgrade their site to make it responsive.
    Leigh, Irish Celtic Jewels
    Phil at XcartMods is nothing short of a GREAT Developer. Always goes above and beyond to deliver and be available during most times. Used Reboot for my newest project and beyond happy with it. My site looks and functions like a dream and I always know that should I require upgrading help is at hand. Not to mention all the free snippets and modules available... To put it simply, I cannot recommend XcartMods enough. All the best, Anthony
    James Anthony, Magicworld
    I have been a customer for Phil's mods and templates since xcart 4.3 and just recently added the x-cart reBoot responsive template. Of all the templates I have surveyed and tried before, this template beats everything else hands down in ease of use, level of support for me as admin but also for my customers experience which is very streamlined. Special mention on Phil's support is that he is very helpful during install and post install support. I highly recommend xcartmods for all your needs. If not for these templates and mods, I would not even be considering x-cart as my ecommerce solution. These templates bring x-cart up a notch and makes my store compete with big stores!
    Deepa, World of Omega
    I am very happy with the wonderful product and the fantastic service provided by Phil and his staff. Thank you so much.
    reBOOT is truly a gem, props to the makers, made my life a lot easier :)
    I can't recommend xcartmods highly enough and wouldn't use any other company ! We had a major issue updating X-Cart, contacted xcartmods support and that was fixed quickly and securely, but not only that ! other things have changed for the better too... Thanks You for this and previous support and obviously all the work you've put into your templates :) 10/10
    David Stobbs, Greendaze Hydroponics
    Hands down, the best template available for X-Cart, and I've tried quite a few over the years... you can see the amount of work that has gone into it, especially with the latest release. Thanks for all your hard work Phil !
    Rob K
    I've never used a template with so many possibilities, that and the support from Phil is second to none which when put together make this by far the best template available for X-Cart ! Keep doing what your doing
    David, System Doctor NE
    I would definitely recommend Phil to undertake any X-Cart upgrade work.  I urgently need to upgrade my 4.6.1 Platinum store to 4.7.1 and Phil got started straight away. Two days later, the whole job was complete and the new store went live. Phil also upgraded the reBOOT template from v2 to v3.5 and fixed a number of other module bugs in the process in addition to performing a few custom tweeks to reBOOT. I was planning to do the upgrade myself - I just couldn't find the time. I am really pleased I gave the project to Phil to complete.
    John Legg, The Debug Store
    Thanks Phil - totally professional , helpful and 100% knows his stuff. The only person we use for xcart work now is Phil.We needed to upgrade a site asked Phil, did exactly what was needed and advised accordingly.Have absolutely no hesitation in using Phil
    Peter Ogilvie, Cellweb Associates Ltd
    Fantastic template and it comes many great features and add-ons. The template is easy to install and has plenty of room to tweak to fit my need. Phil offers great customer service and the on-line chat give you instant help if you ever have any problem. I had great experience with Xcart Mods will definitely recommend it to anyone with heart beat!!! Very Happy Customer! Jun
    I purchased this mod around the end of February 2014 and have had tons of compliments on my new layout and responsive design.  This template is easy to install, easy to use, and has tons of features built in that make my site load faster and increase sales.  Great job on this must have template.  I have to also add that Phil is very helpful and quick to respond to any questions I had.
    Pete, U.S. Candle Company
    This guys rock! they have always solved the little issues I have had, and the template they created is awesome. Thanks!
    I want you to know that I love your reBOOT template, and I'm grateful that you made it available for us. It will definitely cost me so much more if I'm going to develop the same kind of template with such features. The value of it is so much more than what I've paid for. Thank you very very much.
    Why do I use the reBOOT template? The quick answer is because it's the best. The long answer is because I'm focused on my visitors having the best customer experience possible. From first impression, navigation, easy shopping, and checkout, no matter if they are on mobile, tablet, or desktop. This means having a modern responsive design that is search engine optimized, loads fast, and has great scores from YSlow and Google Page Speed. And with mobile and tablets approaching 40% of our visits our "Google Mobile User Experience" score is extremely important to us. Using reBOOT our score is 98/100. I've been using x-cart since 2007 and have been using reBOOT since it's beginning. I'm now on v3+ of reBOOT so it's battle tested and absolutely fantastic to work with. Over the years Phil has simplified and streamlined reBOOT's code and subdirectory structure. The template code is easy to read and the folders and files are very well organized. The more you work with reBOOT, the more you see the incredible amount of time, energy, and pride that Phil puts into it. Phil has also included a couple of reBOOT addons that we just can't live without. The first being the Testimonials addon. This is an absolute must to build trust with your customers. We ship all over the world and building trust on the first visit is a must as this may be our only shot of capturing a sale due to the market we are in. The second is the WordPress addon. I manage 4 different WordPress sites. For our x-cart site I always had to hack a WordPress theme to try to make it look like our x-cart skin. It worked okay but took a lot of time and effort and is beyond the skill of most store owners. Today that is all history because Phil has brilliantly come up with his WordPress addon that displays WordPress in between the x-cart header and footer. It works perfectly. The sentence below is from one of my customer's testimonials. "It was such an easy task doing shopping here! And I got what I wanted (and within my budget too)! I've tried other sites, but this was the best, in terms of ease of purchase and choices." So the "quick", "long", and "final" answer is... reBOOT is the best!
    Paul Harris
    I've been using x-cart since 2005, and I can honestly say that I've never experienced someone as helpful and fast as Phil! He helped me customize the template on a Saturday, and even though we were on separate continents, he used chat to correspond with me for nearly a whole day. Our site looks amazing now! His Reboot template is nothing less than impressive. Its sleek design and easy customization are wonderful, and I know it will improve our business in a big way. Thanks, Phil!
    Sean B
    Excellent product and even better service. I found Phil to be responsive, creative and excellent at what he does. We are already planning a second and third project.
    Steven Forrest
    This has to be my favourite x-cart theme BY FAR! ... just upgraded to latest version and loving it! Phil offered great extra support and helped a lot beyond expectation. If your looking for a responsive theme then this beats the others hands down!
    Anthony Peatfield
    I spoke with Phil at xcartmods a couple times before purchasing. He was straight forward with pricing, expectations & no hard sale. At the end of the project he had not only installed the template but upgraded XCART to the latest version along with all user, product and page data. This was a major undertaking that was seamless and needed. The reBoot template works great cross browser, configures well and the support is unbeatable. Thanks Phil. I look forward to working with you on other projects.
    David Harlan
    The best x-cart template i have ever used. Great Support from Phil. Thank you!
    Markus Walther
    Has to be the best, most easily modified template for XCart going around. Support is exemplary. Fastest response to any mod I've ever had and nothing has been to much trouble for them. Pity I can't give 10 stars. You can't go wrong with this mod.
    Greg Lawson
    Excellent template. reboot 2 has so many features and can be customised in almost any way. The other great thing is the support offered by the team at xcartmods. They reply to all emails and live chat quickly and without any fuss.
    Steve Tzanakes
    if not for reBOOT I wouldn't be using Xcart. packed with features and solves every aesthetic flaw that comes with a default Xcart. I bought the developers license and now use it on 3 Xcart sites - its indispensable. Hands down the absolute essential addon for any Xcart store - not to mention the fact that you get great service from Phil and on the money updates 10/10 All day. Every day.

    Paul Owen
    Excellent template that I ever seen.Good and very user friendly. Phil is very much co operative and respond very well.I have already purchased it for my site.But one problem is it is not working with x-cart Infinite scroll module. Qualiteam should see how it (x-cart Infinite scroll) will work in Reboot.
    XTech Team
    Fantastic, flexible template and the best one available for X-cart today. As will all mods from Phil, high recommended and supplied with super fast support. Nice to see that addons for this template are available too.
    David Smith
    This is the ONLY template you need, it includes everything needed to setup a fully functional badass website that works on tablets and mobiles (which is very important these days!). Plenty FREE modules which are probably worth more than the template individually lol! If you're wondering to purchase this, I HIGHLY recommend this template and so do many others, just check out the forum! Oh forgot to mention support, I purchased extra support on this as I knew I would need it, Phil has the best support ever. Any issues it's fixed in a flash! A top guy with a top template.
    Raymond Dalgleish
    Definitely the best and most advance x-cart template, very similar to Wordpress theme frameworks. And Phil support, even post sales, is even better than the theme itself! KUDOS
    Nacho Gfa
    Looks great and support is even better.
    John Schnyderite
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