X-Cart Live Multiple Currency Display

Category: X-Cart Mods


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  • Displays up to 7 additional currencies on your product pages
  • Display currencies on product results pages, product page and shopping cart page
  • Retrieves up to date currency rates from Yahoo! Finance in real time via ajax
  • Set your currency codes and symbols in the module options
  • Displays the appropriate country flag next to the currency price
  • 159 country currency icons included
  • Sets the currency rates as cookies, updates rates every 4 hours or after cookies expire
  • Works with main product prices only (not product options, variant, or wholesale prices)
  • Compatible with v4.4.x - v4.6.x at present, contact us for earlier versions
  • Easy installation, small file size, cross-browser compatible
  • Updated 8th April 2014 - Connection to Yahoo! Finance fixed