X-Cart Multiple Zoomified Product Images

Category: X-Cart Mods


X-Cart Version
  • Flash based zoomable images using the free Zoomify EZ tool.
  • Similar to the X-Cart X-Magnifier module, but without the image size restriction.
  • Enable/Disable zoomified images in product admin.
  • Up to 8 zoomified images per product!
  • You can cross-reference zoomified images with multiple products.
  • Have them displayed in a popup window, embedded within the product page, or in a tab (v4.4.x)
  • Show/hide navigation window, show/hide slider, set initial zoom factor.
  • Images can be as large as you want, the bigger the better!
  • Ideal for products with intricate detail eg. jewellery stores.
  • If you have high or even ultra-high resolution product images, this is for you!
  • Some image preparation is required, large images need to be converted to Zoomify format - tool included.
  • Tool also included for easy thumbnail generation, plus renamer script.
  • Compatible with v4.1.x - v4.4.x
  • Alternative viewer included that does not show the Zoomify logo.